Mentoring next generation STEM professionals

Our mission is to stimulate interest in and enhance preparation for STEM careers among precollege students, especially underrepresented minorities (URM), through……

Creating awareness about STEM careers

Students from various high and middle schools will participate together in short educational programs and career talks to create awareness about diverse STEM fields.

Developing skills for STEM professions

Programs with hands-on activities will be conducted for students and coordinated around mentorship from STEM professionals, to facilitate experiential learning, and build the desire and skills needed to pursue a variety of STEM careers.

Engaging a network of K-12 teachers

TAMU faculty will engage k-12 teachers from different schools in career and professional development activities that enhance STEM instruction.

Creating professional development opportunities

The Project offers unique professional development (PD) for teachers, along with opportunities to participate in curriculum development through various programs.

Creating project leadership opportunities

MENTORS presents a unique opportunity for project leadership by offering teachers in participating schools the chance to join the project management staff through an application process.



Upcoming Programs - Save the dates!

  • SHARE Program: September 22, 2017 - June 09, 2018
  • Field Experience: January 20, 2018
  • Share Program Health Expo: June 9, 2018
  • Summer Research Programs for Teachers: June 25 - July 19, 2018 (Online application now OPEN)
  • Student Summer Research Internship (Lab Rats): June – July 2018 (Online application now OPEN)
  • K-12 Summer Institute: July 23-26, 2018; MENTORS Workshop Friday, July 27, 2018


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Engage a network of K-12 teachers

Programs for teachers will enhance foundation knowledge and facilitate development of learner-centered, career focused educational modules that will attract and motivate students, particularly those who are traditionally underrepresented in science and medicine.

These includes

  • Summer Fellowship Program (SEF)
  • K-12 Summer Institute
  • Longitudinal Mentorship to guide implementation of workshops


Authentic field and research experience for students

Students in magnet and partner schools will participate together in activities coordinated around mentorship from biomedical research scientists and technical and health care professionals. The Project activities will build a “pipeline” of students with the skills needed to pursue a variety of STEM careers, through:

  • Mentored classroom activities, with the chance to “Ask the Expert”
  • Field Experiences (FEs)
  • LThe School-based Health Awareness and Regional Education (SHARE) Program
  • Summer research internships (“Lab Rats”)


  • How does the MENTORS project benefit students? +

    ·       Career development: The MENTORS Project will increase awareness of the diverse range of STEM careers, and stimulate student interest through direct interaction with STEM professionals and participation in career-inspired, inquiry-based activities and projects.

    ·       Skill development: Students will develop skills and experience needed for success in STEM careers through hands-on activities, both in and out of the classrooms.

    ·       Experiential learning:

    o   SHARE (School-based Health Awareness and Regional Education) Program - students will have the opportunity to be trained to serve as Health Ambassadors in their communities.

    o   Field Experience (FE) at Texas A&M University.

    ·       Summer Research Internships for selected high school students. Selected students will receive a stipend for the duration of the internship.

  • How does the MENTORS project benefit teachers? +

    The Project offers unique professional development (PD), along with opportunities to participate in curriculum development and project leadership through participation in the following programs:


    Summer Educator Fellowships (SEF) – teachers from each participating school will work collaboratively with TAMU faculty, staff and trainees to develop, test and implement novel, research-inspired educational modules that reflect real world STEM careers. Teachers that participate in the 3-week SEFs will be paid $500/week.

    K12 Summer Institute (SI) – a 4 to 5-day professional development conference that introduces new curricular materials and pedagogy to Texas teachers. New modules developed during the SEF will be pilot tested and evaluated by a wide range of teachers at this event. The SI is accredited by the TEA to provide CPE and G/T credits for each workshop. Training, materials, lodging and meals will be provided free of charge. Travel reimbursement from the participant’s school or ISD.

    Regional workshops – local workshops to provide ongoing and longitudinal mentorship for teachers and guide implementation of the newly developed educational modules.

  • How does the MENTORS project benefit communities? +

    ·       Promotion of STEM Careers: The MENTORS Project will stimulate interest in and enhance pursuit of STEM careers among students in URM communities.

    ·       Community Health: The Project will provide opportunities for students to train to serve as Health Ambassadors in their communities.

    ·       Health Expo: Expos will provide health screenings and health promotion information. Student Health Ambassadors will conduct educational interventions that address specific health challenges, such as obesity, asthma and diabetes.

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